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My phone recently updated to have the Doze feature in Android 8.0 and disabling those settings seems to have made those work again.

Why are your cameras sending data to non AWS servers?

If I power cycle that one, then other one goes down.

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After all, a 1080p security camera with some free cloud storage just seemed to good to be true. Kinda pointless to advertise two way audio if the person on the app has to constantly unmute the camera in order to hear the person on the camera trying to talk to them.

(This is in regards to live streaming) What happens is I always seem to have one camera fail at random while the other one continues to work fine.

As soon as I power cycle the camera that isn't working, the other one goes down in about a day and I cannot connect to it anymore.

I still get notifications on the one that happens to be down, so it's just the live streaming that doesn't work.

Speaking of notifications, if you are on an Android device and are not receiving notifications from the app, try disabling any battery optimization settings (i.e. Disabling that should make the notifications come up again.

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