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Tezos now looks set to become the first crypto project to have forked before its launch.

The rift is evident on Twitter, where there’s a choice between the There’s just one major problem standing in their way: the Tezos Foundation has control of all the funds and the XTZ tokens.

Each entry has key words which indicate whether the book is specifically about autism.

If you read this online, the ISBN numbers are links to which might offer the book for sale.

If the Tezos co-founder has her way, “tezzies” tokens will be available in a matter of weeks.

I will leave it to others to tackle such a list (I believe The Indiana Resource Center for Autism maintains such a list as does the Autism Research Unit of the University of Sunderland, England).

Like their investors, they’re eager to get the project off the ground and put the bad times behind them. Pre-launch XTZ futures tokens on Hitbtc rose by 6% off the news.

We plan on releasing the token and going rogue in the next few weeks. For awhile I felt like I was being ‘gaslit,’ but then I unburdened myself of the morality of it. At .92 though, tezzies are still down substantially from their December peak of .51.

Coupled with the pending lawsuits that both the Foundation and the Breitmans are facing, and it’s obvious the whole affair is a hideous mess.

Before the governance-focused blockchain project can launch, Tezos’ founders have a few loose ends to tidy up.

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