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I confronted him and he said it was true but that he didn't love her like that anymore and that they're not together and that he didn't want her to pull his bail and end up back in jail. I feel like a complete jerk and here I am in massive tears. We get along well, he hasn't brought me anything expensive, he has two kids and said their mum was in NY and a good job. Not sure what this site is about...there are all sorts of people in every country or group.

Many of them would have been better off having never been born. A n m dating a Nigerian guy..father Lord I love hm although we hv nvr met..stay up ol night chatting on whatsapp..thngz he says abwt me on f.b u could swear Hz madly inlv Wth me Been 7 long years.

I realised, too late, the good Naija man I fell in love with will always be wanting someone to pay his bills.

I tried my best to set him on his own two feet, but he won't ever change. I do not date Nigerian or men from Africa, their interests clash with mine plus I have seen how they treated my aunt to know they look down on her.

Million of black men in Africa are some of the nastiest , most indiscrete males in the world.

Many of them sexually assault both woman and child with no conscious.

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