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I was at the gate an entire ten minutes before a 9AM departure and there was no ticketing agent at the gate.Apparently they had already closed the gate although the plane did not take off until after AM.I furthermore had to pay an additional to get new ticket for a later flight to get from JFK to IAD.

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Covered reasons include the following: sudden medical emergencies, financial default of a covered airline, cruise line or tour operator, bad weather, terrorist incidents, and jury duty.I booked the flight yesterday and it's not until June however they still want their 0 which is half of what I paid and is ridiculous.I am a student and I work full time but I don't have money to throw around just because they don't want to help me.Quite some time ago, I too ordered a "trial offer" for just shipping and handling for 4.99( approx)..I got one product, but was billed for 2, plus shipping for the 2nd that I never received, and an additional charge of 84.00..

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