Asian attraction houston dating

Dont rush touching her or moving fast on physical intimacy. We were talking about this the other day at work, how it impresses us, and also how rare it is (we are women in our 45s-55s) even if it feels or seems "formal" things like polished manners, holding doors, giving her genuine compliments, treating her well.....those are important I like to do this. Done right, you can mix your cultures to find a more perfect balance to work and life.

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You will like different foods, you will perform the same tasks in different ways, and you will even have different opinions about the importance of various activities, just like any normal couple, except your differences will be more pronounced due to your widely different upbringings.

If you become a couple, everyone else will see your mixed races and throw these stereotypes at you and you'll see how hurtful and asinine they are.

Don't EVER try to apply them to someone you want to be your S/O.

The most aggressive american woman I have known was not 1/10th as fearsome and firey as the asian women I have known.

Recognize that your culture is going to be different from hers and she is not going to completely adopt your way of doing things any more than you will adopt her ways.

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