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If you want to be a writer online, you need a website. As a freelance blogger your website is one of the deciding factors in getting you hired.

But choosing the right domain name for that website is a HUGE obstacle for some writers.

Answer these, and you can choose your domain name today. 🙂 Do you hope to bring a lot of clients to your website via search engines?

I use (affiliate link) to look up domain names, check they aren’t already taken, and buy the ones I want. There aren’t any other Sophie Lizards that I know of, though there’s a Sophie Lizardi somewhere in South America (but she isn’t a freelance writer, so that’s fine). It does nothing for my SEO, but it tells potential clients a lot about what to expect.

Lemonis bought the company and will start soon with new design and style.

He also launched a contest to design the new logo and he is offering K to the winner.

I’ve seen people dither over this decision for weeks, wasting time they could’ve spent marketing and blogging and .

To make this simple, I’ve broken down the basic process of choosing an effective domain name into just 3 questions.

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