Bing desktop wallpaper not updating

If you like them, check out this app and tell us what you think in the comments below.Nowadays, high-performance server software (for example, the HTTP accelerator) in most cases runs on multicore machines.Additionally, if you want to make sure you get new Bing images daily, head on over to the app settings to enable automatic downloads.You will also be able to change your region and make tweaks to the update frequency. It used to be called Bing My Lock Screen, and as well as a name change, has new features.On the other hand, linked lists require maintaining an additional field for total queue length.With linked lists, push and pop operations have to modify the queue length in addition to element links updating, so you need to take more care with consistency in the queue for a lock-free implementation.

One of the possible work queue implementations is a ring buffer for storing pointers to the queued elements.

So tail_ and head_ will be defined as: To get the current position in the array, we can calculate a remainder of integer division of tail_ by Q_SIZE, but rather we define Q_SIZE as a power of 2 (32768 in our case), so we can use bitwise AND between Q_MASK and tail_, which is bit faster.

______________________ Alexander Krizhanovsky is the software architect and founder of Nat Sys-Lab.

Thus, moving the hottest data structures from a locked to a lock-free design can improve software performance in multicore environments significantly.

One of the hottest data structures in traditional server software is the work queue, which could have hundreds of thousands of push and pop operations per second from tens of producers and/or consumers.

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