Children divorce dating again

Having divorced parents makes you a child of divorce, no matter how old you are.If you're over the age of 18 when your parents split, it also makes you part of a growing group no one actually wants to be part of: adult children of divorce, or ACODs.For kids whose parents split, being an adult at the time of separation might make it easier to understand and accept the decision, but it comes with its own set of challenges.

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"It began to feel like my relationship with my mom made me obligated to distance myself from my dad or at least be at odds with him," Jay said."She's a deeply kind and generous person, and I know she was put through a lot so she deserves to have her say.Whatever awkwardness I feel is very small compared to that.""When you're a child going through your parents' divorce, your parents put a lot of effort into easing you through the process and making sure you're handling it OK.The demographic has grown significantly enough in recent years to merit a catchy acronym (and corresponding effects on younger children.But ACODs typically have a much less difficult time dealing with divorce, which makes sense: Young children simply don't have the same judgement, maturity or skills to cope with traumatic life events as adults do.

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