Christian dating muslim girl

KATRINA: Probably I got a good beating once a year.

KATRINA: Nine-carat tennis bracelets, limousine trips, a trip around the world, build any home I wanted. SCOTT ROSS (reporting): Katrina had it all, but at what price?

In the last days, even the elect, if it were possible, will be deceived.

If you think this is the man for you, he doesnt even know love, because Jesus is love. KATRINA'S MOTHER: Id say youre about to get into the most awful mess you ever got into in your life.

SCOTT ROSS: Katrina, a lot of people Islamic men and women are watching this nowwould certainly disagree with that.

SCOTT ROSS: What does this do to your psyche, to your spirit, to your whole way of life living with a man this violent who could kill you and your children? Islam: thats how they hold their victimsby control, fear, and manipulation.

SCOTT ROSS: If you drop the plumb line of just one word, one name, Jesus Christ, drop that into the middle of this belief system, where were you compromising yourself?

I was living in my own country, but I was a foreigner in my own home.

Also, that a Muslim is not to force nor try to change thier faith. I also felt, I would be taking her into a difficult road for us. I didn't want to hurt her even though I broke both of hearts for the name of two religions. That's what I raised to believe would work better, and would be the best chance to a successful marriage. Misreable 10 yrs, besides getting 2 kids out of the deal.

SCOTT ROSS: He divorced you on the grounds that you had converted? SCOTT ROSS: Do you have any communication with him at all?

KATRINA: Our children still go in and out of his home here in the U.

Katrinas new husband also showered her with fabulous gifts. He took me on the dance floor and literally swept me off my feet.

SCOTT ROSS (reporting): That was just her spending money. At any time during your dating process did the spiritual roots of your lifei.e. KATRINA: Absolutely, but he kept telling me it was the same God, just a different language, that Allah was the same God as the God I served. I say that love is not blind, its deaf and dumb also.

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