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Once you use this site you’ll see what a great deal of work and thought has gone into it.Highly Continue Reading We used House Sit Mexico for the first time for five weeks ending 5 May and it was a great experience. His earlier book Time: Towards a Consistent Theory (Kluwer Academic, 1994) set out a new physics with a tilt in the arrow of time.

This service fills a real need, when you want to go Continue Reading I waited several years for House Sit Mexico to relaunch and the new site did not disappoint. My family would travel the few hours from Southern California to Baja California, stay on the beach, ride horses, and get dental work done. Four years ago I used House Sit Mexico Continue Reading We recently had Philip & Toni house sit in our house/small hotel in Chapala. They took fine care of our house and even had a meal waiting for us upon our return.

Enjoy peace of mind that your home is securely occupied in your absence.

Experience Mexico away from resorts and hotels–and stay for free! Experience Mexico away from resorts and hotels–and stay for free! You are most likely reading this because you’ve heard about the growing community of house sitters and you’d like to learn more.

I own four dogs and always felt restricted about traveling because of trying to find friends who would live in my house and take care of my pets.

The annual membership fee is much less than what you would pay a pet sitter Continue Reading So impressed with this website and particularly Alex and all her help, even in helping out with the photos of our house.

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