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It could have something to do with moisture evaporating from surfaces more speedily when humidity is low, she How to fight colds, flus, and infections at any age Lowen agrees that keeping indoor air more humid might help slow down the spread of the flu."Based on the papers that have been done thus far, I wouldn't run out and buy humidifiers, but I would definitely buy humidifiers to study humidifiers." "This is sort of nibbling around the edges," he added."It's useful, but it's not sufficient to say, 'We now have the answer to change the world.'" It's "frustrating," Gardam says, that we still don't know if the virus is spread mainly by physical contact or through the air or both.The cold, dry air of winter can give you chapped lips, cracked hands, and now, a study suggests, a better chance of getting the flu.A new analysis of previous data shows that in low-humidity conditions, the influenza virus is more likely survive, possibly giving it a better shot at spreading from person to person and making its way to you."It seems that [the influenza virus'] ability to survive and be transmitted person-to-person is greatly affected by how dry or wet the air is," says Shaman, whose study is published in this week's Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.The name for this potentially deadly respiratory infection comes from the Italian word for influence; centuries ago, people believed that the influence of the planets made people sick with the disease.

D., of Oregon State University in Corvallis, a coauthor of the new study.

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Relative humidity is like a car's gas gauge, Shaman notes. Absolute humidity represents how many gallons you have in your tank, regardless of the tank's size.

Shaman converted the guinea pig data from relative humidity to absolute humidity and found the link between air moisture and flu spread got much stronger.

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