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When Ulrich puts together that Mads is the child discovered in the opening episodes, there’s an understanding of what’s been pent up for so long.

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By the end of the season, when the Tiedemanns prove to be just as central to this carefully constructed intersectional emotional melee as anyone else, there’s a true cosmic sense to what’s happened.

Once viewers get that far, the time travel hook is probably what’s going to end up keeping audiences interested past the big reveal (and the even bigger 1953 shift).

With a bevy of Winden townsfolk to juggle before that wrinkle gets introduced, “Dark” gets an an early vote of confidence in how it makes viewers care about seeing Young Hannah or Young Ulrich despite having effectively just met their older counterparts.

(The look on Jonas’ face when he struggles to explain why he and Martha can’t be together is heartbreaking; doubly so because the show emphasizes the many reasons why it’s a catastrophic situation.) Stefan Erhard/Netflix In juggling the timelines, there’s obviously great care given to make sure that the period details help to sell the difference.

But when a new year is introduced, there’s a careful attention to the idea that Winden is a small town that changes incrementally.

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