Dating pool shrinks

Most will stick to being “26” for years…but then, as my very good friend Toyin would always say: “Nkem, look at their feet. Till today, I still don’t get it, but apparently, somehow the feet tells the truth about how old someone truly is.

Dating at 30 sucks and here is why: At 30, you are wiser, you are smarter, you have finally realized you are awesome, you have learned what you want and what you do not want, you are ready to find someone worthy of you and you really do not have the patience to put up with crap from anyone anymore.

If you don’t meet them right then, all that pressure to marry whoever happens to be around, which you so neatly avoided at 22, pops up again--around 30 for women, around 35 for men, judging from my experience.

At 22, you're less likely to have to settle: the dating pool is larger, and it’s easier to say, “Well, I’ll wait a few years until the right one comes along.” Obviously, you can choose not to settle. But I’ll be honest: that decision is a lot scarier at 33 than it would have been a decade earlier. Demanding that you find the right person in the exact five-year window that has been socially prescribed for marrying is putting too much pressure on yourself.

Data suggests that many women are indeed looking for a partner that is economically stable.

This, of course, often come with age as your career develops.

And if they try to commit, their friends and parents will warn them off. The age at which the right person comes along depends on luck, not some kind of calendar.

You can’t plan for it to happen between 26 and 28, so that you can get married by 30 and have your first kid by 32.

Which is fine if you’ve accumulated full-time-nanny money by the age of 40, but I regret to inform you youngsters that most of you won’t.Somehow ‘30’ has been marked the year of ‘oldness’. Single women from as young as 18 to as old as 45 show interest in the men, while the 30-year-old female has to sift through a small mix of widowed men, divorced mean and scheming sugar boys.This is the situation because men, in general, value traits that indicate fertility in women (and women who are 30 and above, even though their sexual desire stay strong, are not exactly bursting with fertility) Women, on the other hand, value such traits as high social standing, ability to provide and confidence (which is where most men at 30 and above shine).But oftentimes, with age and experience this idea is abandoned for something more reasonable.for women trying to date in their later years who have accepted that perfection doesn’t exist, “[I suggest] flipping the narrative from “settling” for someone who isn’t perfect to finding a partner ‘who is really great,’ he said.” demand.” Men have a shorter life span than women, which creates a pool of single men past the age of 30 that is significantly smaller than that of their female counter parts.

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