Dating turritella fossil

Several toe bones of ornithomimosaur (small and agile theropod predators that look something like plucked ostriches with long tails and arms) dinosaurs and a partial hadrosaurid vertebra have been recovered.

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At least two hadrosaurid (duck-bill dinosaurs such as Maiasaura) teeth have been found.

Another fine book on local dinosaurs is written by William B.

Gallagher and is entitled "When Dinosaurs Roamed New Jersey." It was published by Rutgers University Press in 1997.

Fossils are of great use to geologists in understanding what the earth was like in the distant past and how life has changed through time.

They are also a practical tool in the correlation of sedimentary rock layers from one area to another, which is an important part of exploring for petroleum and understanding the underground "plumbing" of groundwater systems.

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