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It always makes me uncomfortable seeing guys willing to pay women for pickup advice, too much like 'rent-a-friendzone'.

This is advise for post wall women..would be amazing if women in their prime followed this advise.I just hope Australian women are not messed up and narcissistic like American women.Still blows my mind that majority of western women do not value self improvement. If these female coaches really wanted to help women, they would tell women to work hard to improve themselves,women need to get married young rather than sleep around until they hit the wall, have a high degree of humility and not have such crazy expectation of men and teach women that TV/magazines is not the same as real life, but then they won't make money that way, haha.If I were a PU company, I'd pay very close attention to this and hire a babe with big boobs to deliver the message. A big rule in learning game: women don't know what they want.Who cares who the messenger is, just give me the product, I'd rather my pizza be delivered by a babe with boobs than some random dude. They try to project what men find attractive onto what women find attractive.

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