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Recently Toby and i Justine have been seen together in several of each other's videos and that of course set tongues wagging and sent the Youtube rumor mill into a frenzy: "Have you heard that i Justine is seeing Tobuscus? ", so they made the video below, with their little Youtube love child: Yeah, THAT'S going to dispel the rumors lol. When Toby was vlogging he mentioned that she had vlogged "the same thing" just before he did, so if IJ does post her version of the parking lot baby fiasco I will post it on here as well so we can get her story. After all IJ is my secret Internet girlfriend (so secret she doesn't even know about it) but we won't see them together again in another video for a while. Phil got the eventual winner correct, although I was rooting for the Steelers myself.

" No, that's not how this latest video from Toby Turner (aka Tobuscus) could have started but it may as well have. There's Tobuscus again, watching the Super Bowl with i Justine, Linz Loves, Philip De Franco, Matty and some other dude that I didn't recognise.

And unfortunately it looks like the Packers ended up beating Pittsburgh in the Super Bowl, but my support for the Steelers remains undiminished.

Zacdays, Christopher Carter, Sxephil, Charles Trippy, Lisa Danovan, Katie Sha, Olga Kay, Philip Defranco, Shay Carl, Shane Dawson, Whata Day Derek, Steel City Films, Rawn, Thebdonski, Totally Sketch, Nigahiga, Kassem G, Bernice Juach, Sarah (Cousin), Jacquelyn (Cousin), Jason (Cousin), Andrew (Cousin), Ken (Uncle) Gives You Hell (The All - America Rejects) [2009], See You Agian (Miley Cyrus) [2008], 7 Things (Miley Cyrus) [2008], Burnin' Up (The Jonas Brothers) [2008], No One (Alicia Keys) [2007], Lilly Pop (Lillttle Wanye) [2008] Subeject To Setback (Danger Is My Middle Name), Ticket Outta Loserville (Son of Dork), Love Story (Talor Swift) [2008], Hoedown Throwdown (Miley Cyrus) [2008], If I Were A Boy (Beyonce knowels) [2008], Since Yove Been Gone (Kelly Clarkson) [2007] David Joseph Colditz (born August 13, 1991), commonly known as Dave Days, is a musician, entertainer and You Tube personality from Downingtown, Pennsylvania, currently living in Los Angeles, California.

These days Phil gets 19K a week in subs across his many channels and is hovering near the Top 10 Most Subscribed.

Katers17 is still making videos on her main channel but does daily vlogs as katersoneseven and is temporarily located in the states from her native England.

How many of these channels do you remember and how many are still actively uploading videos?

Each channel can still be found by the links provided unless they have been closed which is the case for some of them. 1 smosh 148,992 2 lonelygirl15 97,821 3 esmeedenters 70,844 4 miaarose 68,787 5 William Sledd 66,743 6 Happy Slip 62,098 7 thewinekone 59,781 8 Lisa Nova 59,764 9 CBS 57,144 10 Barats And Bereta 54,542 11 James Nintendo Nerd 54,114 12 Brookers 53,693 13 kevjumba 47,251 14 Gay God 46,685 15 Little Kuriboh 45582 16 The Hill88 45,127 17 geriatric1927 44,479 18 universalmusicgroup 43,518 19 linkinparktv 42,705 20 Fueled By Ramen 40,914 21 NBC 39,259 22 blamesocietyfilms 38,070 23 digitalfilmmaker 35,965 24 derrickcomedy 35,483 25 boh3m3 35,255 26 Daxflame 34,712 27 Blendtec 34,586 28 ashleytisdale 33,847 29 m Yche Mic ALro Ma Nc E 33,396 30 renetto 29,418 31 impytherap 29,039 32 charlestrippy 28,828 33 ysabellabrave 27,612 34 communitychannel 27,593 35 lassegg 26,945 36 abbegirl 26,930 37 Ron Paul2008dotcom 24,379 38 vlogolution 23,505 39 Danielbeast 23,431 40 Emmalina 21,678 41 It Takes5IVE 21,439 42 smpfilms 21,192 43 warnerbrosrecords 20,748 44 Mad V 20,704 45 littleloca 20,194 46 rockongoodpeople 19,996 47 Eclectic Asylum Art 19,937 48 mrpitifulband 19,761 49 sxephil 19,735 50 terranaomi 19,64151 Filthy Whore 19,200 52 Katers17 19,040 53 Mark Day Comedy 18,854 54 francisstokesdotcom 18,626 55 Ryan Leslie TV 18,521 56 Blunty3000 18,467 57 valsartdiary 17,798 58 nalts 17,675 59 drewtoothpaste 17,477 60 cutiemish 17,448 61 NHLVideo 17,260 62 liamkylesullivan 17,072 63 prettyrickyvideos 16,978 64 Its Just Some Random Guy 16,936 65 Ian H 16,672 66 wantlieswiththat 16572 67 Steven Tsapelas 16,450 68 davidchoimusic 16,288 69 NBA 16,239 70 mystoandpizzi 16,227 71 boburnham 16,107 72 Bad Boy Records 16,095 73 Di Gi Ti Ls Ou L 16,038 74 Justin Sandercoe 15,768 75 phatfffat 15,689 76 Paris Hilton 15,621 77 judsonlaipply 15,551 78 Neil Cicierega 15,532 79 Lazy Lions Productions 15,247 80 BBCWorldwide 15,217 81 jonastko 15,174 82 Mediocre Films 15,123 83 Paperlilies 15,019 84 No Ho Girls 14,718 85 Rubix89 14,713 86 Artie TSMITW 14,680 87 Gi R2007 14,615 88 Jive Honky81 14,549 89 gemmers19 14,483 90 roadrunnerrecords 14,387 91 You Tube 14,293 92 hoiitsroi 14,289 93 Rabix99 14,139 94 macpulenta 14,028 95 spricket24 13,674 96 Mystery Guitar Man 13,579 97 anafree 13,463 98 underoathmusic 13,329 99 peron75 13,206 100 citizenchong 13,051 Right at the top is of course smosh who remain right there, showing incredible staying power.

Other than recording his own band's music, he recorded other local bands.

Growing up in Downingtown, Pennslyvania, (suburbs outside of Philadelphia) David had many hobbies before making videos on his first you tube account "overdaege182" making fun of other you-tubers.

He liked skate boarding as well as making music with his first band including his friend Zach named "The lumps" in middle school and high school.

Were you even on Youtube either as someone who watched the videos of others or were you one of the few who uploaded clips and got listed in this Top 100 from August 5, 2007?

Look at the numbers these people had just 4 short years ago and compare them with the millions of subscribers that the Top 100 Most Subscribed have today and you can see the astounding growth this website has generated.

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