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Here's a roundup of the most interesting, thought-provoking and surprising questions that our favorite columnists addressed in recent days.After my future son-in-law moved in with our daughter, my husband and I stopped by unannounced to visit.It was close to Christmas, so we bought him a robe and my husband jokingly told him, "We figured you didn't have one since you stay in your underwear when we're here." Even after that, he still does it.I finally told my daughter, "Since he can't take a hint, please tell him to put on clothes when I'm coming over." Since then, when we've stopped by (dropping off the grandbabies) he still doesn't put shorts on. I asked him to please throw on some shorts, and his response was, "You're killing me in my own house," but he did do it.

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I don't bake cookies for my team, I don't tie his shoes and wipe his nose.While I was pushing it out to the curb, I found an envelope full of cash under one of the cushions. I heard from mutual friends that my ex now thinks his other girlfriend stole the money.Part of me wants to wait a few months, then use the cash to fix my car and celebrate...My daughter is getting married on New Year's Eve, and wants to list her father's long-term girlfriend on the program as her stepmother. The wedding is being held in a church, and right off the bat, my daughter is lying in their first sacrament to God.What is the proper-etiquette way to name a long-term girlfriend on the wedding program? My daughter is upset and won't talk to me.[UExpress]"Your daughter may be upset at having been accused of sacrilege," Miss Manners notes drily, before suggesting that the happy couple scrap the programs altogether. I am in my mid-60s and have been happily married for decades.

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