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The man can’t be a polygamist, through his contemporaries in other religions may be and though many of the Jewish fathers were.It’s important to look at historical context when interpreting these verses.You would think that because many of the Old Testament men that you had read about had more than wife.There are a number of polygamists in the Old Testament that are mentioned by name including Lamech, in Genesis , who was the first polygamist.In order to dive deeper into this question, let’s take another look at the list of qualifications for a bishop.First Timothy 3:2 and Titus 1:6 say that the bishop must be the husband of one wife. If you read the Bible from Genesis through Revelation and come across these verses in 1 Timothy and Titus regarding the pastor’s marital status, you would say he could not be a polygamist.Therefore, you wouldn’t even consider that Paul was referring to a pastor who had been remarried after scriptural divorce. They know the remarried couple is not committing adultery, even though they have been married before, because they were scripturally divorced.You would know from the Bible that he still only has one wife. Neither are they polygamists, though their former spouse is alive.

How then do they conclude that when a man called to preach is remarried he is disqualified to pastor?

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Not all Christians and churchgoers are comfortable with the idea of a divorced pastor leading.

Many believe divorced pastors cannot serve as a pastor or in a leadership role within the local church but is this biblical?

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