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I think that every guy has had that feeling - almost like being possessed - where you just can't seem to control your emotions, or your own behavior.You know what you SHOULD be doing, but when you try to do it, there's this invisible force that stops you. I had a bad temper, and I could barely control myself when I was around an attractive girl. Amir Georges Sabongui (Doc) included, and ranked according to user and editor.

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..you're barely maintaining your level of confidence with women - and sometimes you feel like you're actually back-sliding in your game?

What do you need to feel in order to get your "Inner Game" handled?

Ultimately, it really boils down to a feeling of control over your own life.

And, in reality, just by using another guy's lines and words, you're sending a subtle message to your self-esteem that the only thing you can do to attract women is NOT be yourself. But Don't You Need Techniques and "Outer Game" Stuff To Attract Women? So, yes, you absolutely need the techniques and conversational strategies that I teach.

BUT the fact is that you simply cannot run completely on "Outer Game" scripts either - on techniques and routines - all by themselves.

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