Excel macro for consolidating workbooks

The RDBMerge utility provides a user friendly way to merge data from workbooks in a folder into one worksheet in a new workbook.

Working with the add-in is very easy; however, for more information, see the page on Ron de Bruin's Web site.

The different procedures demonstrate techniques for pasting the data by row or by column.

Additionally, you will see how to retrieve data by using a filter.

Additionally, the RDBMerge add-in can assist you to do this task very easy.

For example, if your workbooks are password protected, you can replace the will avoid the message of whether you want to update the links.

Use the value 3 if you do want to update the links.

Also, this group of 6 files (5 source, 1 destination) will all be in one folder.

However, I will be creating new folders on a weekly basis, so I would preferably need the macro to work without me having to go in every week and changing the file path.

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