Expat dating in abu dhabi

Every expat understands that making a move to another country can be daunting and even a little bit scary.

To make it that bit easier, our expatriate network is available to help in making your move run smoothly and assist you in settling into the culture of Abu Dhabi. Whether you move to another city or go on a business trip somewhere — our communities are there to make you feel at home wherever you are in the world.

As-salām 'alaykum and a heart-felt welcome to our Abu Dhabi Community!

Meet a whole network of expats through Inter Nations and gain a valuable insight into real expat life in Abu Dhabi.

Expats who are drawn to Dubai will find that the two emirates share many of the same characteristics, including a thriving expat community that greatly outnumbers the local population, a vibrant lifestyle with lots of opportunities for shopping and entertainment, and an extremely safe environment where crime and theft are rarities.

That said, life in Abu Dhabi tends to unravel at a slower pace than in Dubai; and the city is often characterised as being more family-friendly and better suited for those looking to settle down and stay a while.

Not to mention, the UAE's capital is less built-up and boasts broader patches of greenery.

The largest concern expats moving to Abu Dhabi will have is sorting out schooling for their children; while a number of reputable private, international schools exist, shortages are common and admission competitive.

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There are many work opportunities available in this oil-rich emirate, the largest of the United Arab Emirates.

Expats furthermore have the opportunity to enjoy an Abu Dhabi desert safari, an unforgettable experience including lots of fun, such as dune driving, belly dances and camel rides.

Abu Dhabi is often considered as a family-friendly metropolis, full with wonderful parks and playgrounds, where children can be entertained for hours while parents can enjoy some greenery and fresh air — just wait for the worst of the heat to pass.

With its unique desert landscape and beautiful beaches, it isn't just about work, there's also plenty of leisure time to be had.

Whether you decide to live close to The Corniche or on Saadiyat Island, there is plenty to do and see in Abu Dhabi.

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