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This would require just three steps: With all the necessary components already there, I "remixed" them into Faviconographer.A few hours later, I tweeted a screenshot of the prototype.

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When John Gruber wrote about Safari's lack of tab Favicons a few weeks ago, I realized that you could emulate this feature by overlaying the corresponding icon above each tab.

I'd like to use a single image as both a regular favicon and i Phone/i Pad friendly favicon. Would an i Pad-friendly 72x72 PNG scale if linked to as a regular browser favicon?

Or do I have to use a separate 16x16 or 32x32 image?

Safari for Mac OS X El Capitan introduces an SVG icon for pinned tabs.

Some other platforms look for PNG files with various resolutions, like the 96x96 picture for Google TV or the 228x228 picture for Opera Coast.

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