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If you do decide to pursue a relationship with a coworker, experts suggest answering a few questions before you leap. Companies have different policies regarding interoffice relationships, so research before pursuing a coworker.“If you’re in a situation where no relationships are allowed, there’s no grey there,” says Haefner.The relationship could damage your work credibility, says Cunningham.Your coworkers may question any accolades you receive from your partner.

Coworkers may fill in the story without knowing the facts.Also keep in mind that your company can access your work email, so don’t give the company tech support new reading material with your love letters. Lachapelle suggests keeping your personal life private and to consider how the relationship could affect your reputation.“You don’t want the reputation of the person who dates around—take into account your role in the company,” says Lachapelle.Others who fall victim to work romances develop affinities for nurturing bosses and mentors in powerful positions, confusing admiration for a crush.Then, there are the folks who simply want to engage in fun trysts, given the convenience of the situation.

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