Formview onitemupdating updating a split level home

Collections; public partial class Beheer_Accounts : System. Thats what im trying to do, run the code in that method. Please remember to click “Mark as Answer” on the post that helps you.

I have the code in the eventhandler itself, but it doesnt raise the event. Now I think like you told, something with the postback cause in the page_load looks like: Wich just gets a list of Accounts and gives it to the lv Accounts and binds it. But when I edit the values and click on the Update button, it just loads the page and doesnt edit the record. Web Controls; using Navigenda Common; using Navigenda Web Common; using Navigenda Web Common. When all you've got is a Hammer, Every Problem looks like a Nail. method is called by the Form View control to raise the Item Updating event.It is generally used by control developers when extending the Form View class.

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