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Firstly, an admission; I use Linux as my main desktop operating system so these setup instructions are taken from that environment, but also apply to Mac OS systems.

On Windows you can either use Cygwin or a Linux virtual machine such as Ubuntu.

Programming a chat bot was once the domain of the hardcore hacker tapping packets as they passed over the wire from proprietary client applications to closed source servers, but not any more!

With the open Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol (XMPP) once closed networks are becoming accessible to the rest of us.

A 300 percent increase in lead conversion is a big claim, but Gould Gould notes that artificial intelligence is already fueling chatbots that are helping people to buy shoes, flowers, and a number of other things.

And now he’s come out with Automabots: real estate bots that claim to triple a website’s lead conversion rates, and engage more buyer and seller prospects through an A. technology developed specifically for real estate, not just a technology absorbed by the industry by default.

I am using the following settings in my project: The keep alive setting should send white space pings through the wire to stop proxies or routers on the way from timing out the connection when it is idle.

The account name will become your bot’s Jabber ID (JID) for example my bot resides at [email protected] explained at

To keep the project simple and clean we are going to move the configuration settings into a separate Java Script file, which can be included at the top of the main bot script.

It could be a gold mine for SEO and SEM, and it sounds to us like it might just be the first social media bot actually made for real estate. A transactional bot -According to Gould, this isn’t a transaction coordinator – but those do exist.

Instead, this is a bot designed to communicate with all parties intelligently and keep things running smoothly.

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