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In May 2013, Charles Ramsey was reportedly awarded a gold card after leaving his Big Mac half-eaten, to rush to the aid of three kidnapped women.The hero won unlimited Mc Donald's throughout the US for a year and for the rest of his life in the state of Ohio, where he was living at the time.I really do." We just hope the celeb doesn't encounter any robbers called Rob, as the card is only labelled with his first name.This is all slightly annoying for ordinary punters, given that most celebs and billionares can afford to fork out for a burger and fries.Sadly, to get your hands on this exclusive plastic, to have to be rather a big deal yourself.Billionaire Warren Buffet owns one, as does Bill Gates, and American actor Rob Lowe once revealed he has a Mc Gold Card too, while being interviewed on Jimmy Kimmel Live.Definitely a card-carrying conundrum she found herself in. While I agree offspring feels like a handicap at times and the situation requires navigation, I am still an individual.Articles written by single moms are focused on teaching men how to date women in such situations. Are men discerned against for their job or the task of caring for an aging parent? Okay, so he was available to take over the traditional male tasks like mowing and light bulb changing …

' "And then they'll all gather around and then you'll finally go 'alright, here's the .40'. "And to know the guy that invented the Egg Mc Muffin, that's a major major thing." Rob then joked: "I know powerful people.Although we do all have something to thank Rob's friend's dad for.And, if you're really desperate to get your paws on one, there is some hope - as ordinary folk have occasionally been awarded the cards too. Whip that baby out and you get moved to the front of the line, so to speak. When my first husband came out of the closet, I was instantly presented with that card. Pointing to my blonde hair while giggling took attention away from bonehead moments.

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