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readsheet ni SS&l-v SS^' ' ir '"'''"" ''' " " t MUA Sft. Instead, they had a stripped-down version called CTIA.

REVIEWS: Shiloh • Bridge 5.0 •■ Ba rnyard Blaster _ W "Providing 8 Bit support with one of the Worlds Am GMC3n I GCnn3" Vl SIOn krgss Umemrmoi Mmre»\mmmpm n For Orders Only - 1-800-551-9995 • No surcharge for VISA/Master Card CA. "ULTRA SPEED PLUS" .95 .95 Imagine a universal XL/XE Operaling System so easy to use that anyone can operate it instantly, yet so versatile and powerful that every Hacker, Programer and Ramdisk owner will wonder how they ever got along without it! " NEPTUNE •■■■•■•■I ""X IX 1530 X=INTCC5*Ji/R*UARi*10 0. " PLUTO ";x LV 1540 POKE 838,175: P0KE 839,242 RN 1550 IF A$="P" THEN GRAPHICS 0: SETCOLO R 2,0,12: SETC0L0R 1, 0, 4 : SETCOLOR 4,8,2 : A$="M":? SGOTO 1380 CL 1560 GOSUB 3620 AG 1570 POKE 8 2, fl: POKE 83,40 HI 1580 ? The only real difference between the two chips is that CTIA doesn't have the three modes we are going to talk about, name- ly graphics modes 9, 10 and 11.

Due, however, to many requests from Atari club libraries and bulletin-board systems, our new poli- cy allows club libraries or individually run BBSs to make certain programs from ANALOG Computing available during the month printed on that issue's cover. If a sub- mission is to be returned; please send a self- addressed, stamped envelope. ANALOG Computing (ISSN 0744-9917) is published monthly by L. P., Inc., 9171 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 300, Beverly Hills, CA 90210. The SX212 lias a suggested retail price nf 0,05 and is available now. mediale source of XK and XI, informa- Atari WHter HO is all unusually powerful ' ion, utilities and programs, there are word processor. I'SO board, forums lor home banking, electronic Atari Writer users have access to a proles- mail, news and oilier information. Unfortunately, very few companies have decided to incorporate the use of the HELP key into their programs; probably because the older Atari computers don't include the key. Box 61657 Sunnyvale, CA 94088 Game Cartridge— for all Atari 8-bit computers equipped with the XG-I light gun .95 by Matthew J. Ratcliff *L lou and Gramps have just purchased a small farm that is being overrun by var- mints. You'd think that graphics mode 10 would take less screen memory than modes 9 and 11, right? .209.00 Brother M-1109 100 cps Dot Matrix 189.00 M-1409 180 cps Dot Matrix 299.00 HR-20 22 cps Daisywheel 339.00 Citizen 120D 120 cps Dot Matrix 149.00 180D 180 cps Dot Matrix 179.00 Premier-35 35 cps Daisywheel . 479.00 Epson LX-800 150 cps, 80 col 179.00 Hi-80 4 pen plotter 269.00 FX-86E 240 cps, 80 col Call FX-286E 240 cps, 132 col Call LQ-500 180 cps, 24-wire Call LQ-850 330 cps, 80 col Call EX-800 300 cps, 80 col Call NEC P2200 pinwriter 24-wire 369.00 P660 pinwriter 24-wire 459.00 P760 pinwriter 132 col 659.00 Okidata Okimate 20 color printer 129.00 ML-182 120 cps, 80 column . .349.00 ML-193 200 cps, 132 col 459.00 Panasonic KX-P1080i 144 cps, 80 col 179.00 KX-P1091i 194 cps, 80 col 199.00 Star Micronics NX-1000 140 cps, 80 column . .179.00 NX-15 120 cps, 132 column 319.00 Toshiba P321-SL 216 cps, 24-wire 499.00 WE SHIP 90% OF ALL ORDERS WITHIN 24 HOURS SELECT FROM OVER 3000 PRODUCTS COMPUTER MAIL ORDER you want to talk to us XL/XE SOFTWARE Access Executive Disk 19.99 Accolade Hardball 19.99 Atari Atariwriter Plus 35.99 Filemanager 1 1 .99 Music Painter 1 1 .99 ACCESS Leaderboard Golf " Atari Program Exchange Misc.

If you're looking for a good light-gun game for your system, Barnyard Blaster is the one. I think we can expect more great light-gun applications from Jim Zalewski and K-Byte, the people who brought us such classics as K-Razy Shootout. Oscar prefers the fresh air and likes to travel on top of the train. And while the com- pany has rendered a lot of their earlier titles obsolete, one of their earliest still stands out as one of their best.Orders / Information 415-352-3787 ■ Your card is not charged until we ship 800 4 PIECE BOARD SET Includes Main Board, Power Supply Assembly, CPU Module and 10K Revision B Operating System Module. Of course, you've undoubtedly realized by now that there's a reason for this little chat we're having. A program has fallen into our hands that we absolutely cannot ignore. DEALER/DISTRIBUTOR/USER GROUP Discounts available call for info. VISA MAIL - Money Orders, Checks .95 THE SUPER ARCHIVER "BIT-WRITER"! is capable of duplicating even the "uncopyable" EA and SYN series which employ 34 FULL sectors/tracks. is capable of reproducing these and FUTURE protection schemes of non physically damaged disks. Ultra Speed Plus puts unbelievable speed and convenience at your fingertips. We'll look at modes 9 and 11 first, since they are perhaps a little more straightfor- ward than mode 10.All boards are new, tested and complete with all components. $ 50 400 3 PIECE BOARD SET Includes Main Board, Power Supply Assembly and CPU Module. By now, all ANALOG readers are familiar with the names Barry Kolbe and Bryan Schappel. PLUG-IN circuit boards and 4simple solder connections. is the ultimate PROGRAMMING/COPYING device for Atari 1050's EXACT DUPLICATES of originals are made! Use ANY DOS to place an ULTRA SPEED format on your disks, boot any drive (1-9) upon power-up. o r^m yitl e n t The Missing Touch I just received the May issue of ANALOG Computing, and I love the new cover design. In these two modes, you can have 16 (count 'em) colors on the screen at once, but with a sacrifice. Well, it takes four bits, or half a byte, to store a number between and 15, which is what is needed to get 16 colors.Carey Furlong brings us Solar System Scaler, an Atari BASIC pro- gram that'll bring the universe right into your living room, scaled down to a size that even the feeble (galactically speaking) human mind can understand. If you already own a SUPER can upgrade to a SUPER ARCHIVER II for only .95 plus S/H/l (disk only - no additional hardware required! Installation consists of a plug-in chip and 6 simple solder connections. Features are: • ARCHIVER/HAPPY ARCHIVER COMPATIBLE • BUILT-IN EDITOR-reads. This causes read/write incompatibility problems with all other single sided drives made for Atari such as Indus. Because we had to come up with a new cover anyway, we took the time to have it redesigned, taking us one step closer to that new look we promised you. As you proba- bly know, the Atari computers give you a total of 256 colors to choose from al- together, made up of 16 hues (types of color) and 16 luminances (brightnesses). That way, in graphics mode 9 we only have to store the value of the hue we want in one of the color registers (color register four, of the background register) and then use screen memory to specify the luminance of each dot.Also in this issue, we start two new columns for those of you who want to learn more about your computers and how to program them. writes, displays upto 35 sectors/track • TRUE DOUBLE DENSITY • ULTRA-SPEED read/write • FULLY AUTOMATIC COPYING • SUPPORTS EXTRA MEMORY • SCREEN DUMP to printer • TOGGLE HEX/DEC DISPLAY • SECTOR or TRACK TRACING • AUTOMATIC DIAGNOSTICS • DISPLAYS HIDDEN PROTECTION • ADJUSTABLE/CUSTOM SKEWING • AUTOMATIC SPEED COMPENSATION • AUTOMATIC/PROGRAMMABLE PHANTOM SECTOR MAKER (short) BUILT-IN CUSTOM FORMATTER - upto 40 sectors/track BUILT-IN DISASSEMBLER BUILT-IN MAPPER - upto 42 sectors/ track ■ DISPLAYS/COPIES Double Density HEADERS ■ AUTOMATIC FORMAT LENGTH CORRECTION ■ SIMPLE INSTALLATION The SUPER ARCHIVER is so POWERFUL that the only programs we know that can't be copied are the newer ELECTRONIC ARTS and SYNFILE/SYNCALC (34 FULL sectors/track). Kangaroos and Computing I have never seen my kids so captivated as they are by the game Money Pouch in the May issue of ANALOG Computing. It has gotten to the point where I have to fight to get some time on the computer my- self! Similarly, in graphics mode 11 we store the luminance value in color register four and use screen memory to specify the hue of each dot.

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