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'''""^ l"--«Wing officer in the silver oi^M^-ntu-*'"! but gave no aign of anv ineli- nation t , yield ,0 the request, nor^ndee _s to what course they would pursue ftn' ihan outline.l in Mr. virtu illy decided to give u-^ any idea of complying with the wish? g their in- "as WL« all are, and advises th their grievanr Huonce at th" to this atiitud by exert I' oils-. Th- was translated into over tw-nty different languages and even at th;s late day new editio DS are b^-ing ru" ou.. Stawe was th - author .ss,,f about half a other well kn-mo books, of tficm for young readers and her last years hav*.

d"rt.'*a;v tneir «-onili .-ions a.s to the ehiracter t: the conv.ntion from the standing of th = i r.'i X'? with the ir.: rv ion tlmi ih- rule of the mijoritv shou be made mairifest from the " ii R was naid as to ehairmanshlp. It is b Jlevrd this morning that Govern r Mc Kinley ha? tha: I that hf take a rest, as ontemplated by iher li miliary --ir.' in th* fn ihi? Noih- selcction for ih ■ Your money always back at this store when yon as Jx- for it. Baso Ball id Bat «nd ( a'cher s Mitt, pntiroly KKEF OF ,.. He ctm- sidei-s S •nator Teller the most ava JIable and acfcptab: randidi'te, Rut says that if th.' adjus! July 1.— The It -pub- li^an state eonvt-ntion jnet this morning and at «nk form in IS.^:,' ja Bos- ton.

Timothy ^fnoers — riaintiffs moticm for review denied. Chicaer-i, July 1.— The execu Uv Immense Crowd and Great Cheering Greeted the Dis- tinguished Men. Boys* All- Wool 4th of July Suits— tirand ('elobrat'ou Ctifiip Sale Prices— .48, .95» .50.

July 1.— Senator Teller's home- coming toni Kht win be the Rreatest dom- onstratlon ever witnessed in Colorado Thousajids of pervernor Mclntyn-and Mayor Murray and will made a' response TWO CENTS.

to "hi.^ e*lge oif the Wrand.i there wa.« mo.e .ipplau.s»e from the people, who were evi- dently^d with his aprwarance "': •"«■'•■r tlve compliment of thip.

I think I .«hould s|oak but briefly on this occasion, wh*-ii my only business i.s to pay my resp.-t- to your meet f Mstingui.f-ilow-clf"- ztn.

°:l'.*^^^^^^^ * 'ni TLV,^*'T°5* "^^^ Ladiee' Cotton Hose. "'"}- .anihridff.* brown m xed or black, alwavg «,ld «^ 10^ .'^ 12i4c, (it's giving them away) Ihnrsd.y night per Sir .h .

• ve com mi; were not in the majority from in the con- i,„ , '^'^^ spoken in courteous anguage but it was out so idainly the members of the execut tf-e did not fail to compreliend its fu'l meaning. LLIAMSON k MENDENBALL 12ft-;.c7 Wast Superior Street. He is rronounced- ly oprios^v-d to th'- gold standard and .'»ays I lat if the" D. There has been some talk that Gov- ernor Altgefd may be chosen for perma- nent chairman, but the governor's friends declare that he is not a candidate for the honor and will not accept it. There isujiifjue.stionalily a faction favorable totho course outlined by the The Chinese lost 112 killed and th ■ Dutch had nine killed th.rty-nine wounded. closely guarded and the guard said li ■ had been instructed not to admit any one and not even to take in cards should any be presented. The action of the Illinois F '.'ple in itie matt r has had the eflfect of reviving interest in this suliject. no 2: Ch Udren's button shoes in black and lan tins scri„K heel, 8 to ,1 s „; Boys' Jace shoes, solid, sizes 3 to 5 per pair! DULUTH TSJOTHING IS EASIER J ^ ""TO AVOID, i^*** t To DETECT, requires th* assay of an cxpciv— ths dt struction of the article To AVOID, requires that you buy only such articles for Ster- ling Silver as are stamped with the GORHAM Trade-mark: t HAW WAHW V ■i- 4 2 drc RUNtt 4 GORHAM SILVER. Will Not worry cur neighbors we cut the price to Black Dress Goods. and a tendency to main- tain our profit prices The chief aim of this house is to wr Uk S tendencies. This is' one of the conditions which silver I cdiimittre will probably consider and' until its verdict is registered no program ' will b© made. Thursday Worning 8 to 10 looo Remnants of Silk Odds and Ends from our Sale durir£ the nast SIX weeks, values up to 75c a yard; from 8 to 10 o'clock ^ ?

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