Gift ideas for dating couple

A creative and smart investment, buy your new grad shares in a company of their choice.

They will love having ownership and watching their money grow.

Although I tried to remember my favorite graduation gifts, let’s just say my memory was a bit rusty. We our Facebook fans; you are a plethora of creativity!

Plus, my one of my favorite gifts was a camera that took actual (ah, the good old days)! I asked for the best graduation gifts ideas you’ve ever given or received, and boy did you respond.

Many smartphones already have them, but a GPS is a great idea for anyone heading out for adventures of their own. It is packed with every laundry supply you could imagine–towels, detergent, fabric softener, dryer sheets, bleach, stain removal, and especially rolls of quarters for those laundry machines.

The post-high school dating scene can be tough when you have about to your name.

Give your grad a slight advantage with two movie tickets for a special date night.

Give them a head start by learning about credit cards, part-time jobs, and student loans.

If you’re tearing up already, this poem turned into a book about friendship, sacrifice, and generosity is the perfect gift for your special grad.

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