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She wants to shut it down, but is persuaded by its members to give the place a look before she takes any action.

See more » This title has been available for quite some time from Something Weird Video under the title For Members only, The Nudist Story. That was a brief alternate title in the mid to later 60s.

At Rock Lodge Club, the only requirement for nudity is in the lake, hot tub or sauna and even then you are not totally visible to others if that is of some concern.

At Rock Lodge Club, a private member-owned co-operative nudist club located on 145 acres, you will feel free and safe at the same time.

Older children first experiencing nudism usually take to it with a minimum of adjustment especially once they make friends with the other children. Q: Will I be embarrassed by my surgical scars and stretch marks? Your personality will be noticed more than any marks or scars. A: You will find that people of all ages, shapes and sizes visit nudist places and body acceptance is the key. Most women will use tampons and some will opt to wear shorts. A: Although this is a personal situation, nudist places are not sexually stimulating. You are both in the same environment and now you have made a new friend who enjoys what you enjoy.

Many women have some indication of surgery; these scars and marks make no difference at all. Most women do not look like those you will find in fashion magazines. Nudity is required in the lake and the use of tampons in the water is acceptable. Many men fear this problem but instances of erections are extremely rare. Your visit and name including personal information is kept confidential unless you choose to tell others yourself. Q: Will my partner be improperly approached at a nudist place? This is not tolerated and, if it were to occur, you would notify someone and the situation would be addressed immediately.

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