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Furthermore, there are Facebook Pages, which you can ‘like’ to become part of a community that has a common interest – favorite actor, popular brand, favorite company, etc.You must be at least 13 years of age in order to create a Facebook account.However, the basic Linked In profile is limited in function.If you want more advanced options then there is a monthly user fee.However, unregistered users are still allowed to watch videos.

Here is a list of the most interesting social networks there are and what makes them so remarkable.You Tube is a video-sharing website where you can view, share, upload, comment on, like or dislike videos.The majority of the content that is uploaded to You Tube originates from individual persons.Twitter is a social network, but is drastically different than Facebook.It is a micro-publishing system, which allows you to compose short messages of 140 characters that are known as “Tweets.” To create your own Twitter community – you can ‘follow’ someone in order to receive their Tweets in your news feed or you can be ‘followed’ by others and they will receive your Tweets.

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    They lump hundreds of users into a few different chat rooms and let nature take its course.