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Many took place in his Las Vegas home — one was interrupted by his probation officer knocking on the front door.He was spending money faster than he could earn it, especially after 1997 when he was suspended from boxing for the notorious fight with Evander Holyfield when he bit off a chunk of his opponent’s ear.Nobody can beat me.’But even as he became junior national champion, the teenage Tyson was still behaving like a gangster — robbing houses, smoking the hallucinogenic drug angel dust and snorting cocaine.Sporting success only got him so far, he writes, because ‘you just go back to who you are’.

‘The next day she came in wearing a pretty dress and a big smile,’ he boasts.

Tyson, a man who enjoys instilling fear in both men and women, recalls with relish the terrified look on the actor’s face as he pleaded: ‘Dude, don’t strike me . He loved buying cars, including Lamborghinis, a bullet-proof Hummer and a custom-built Rolls-Royce for which he travelled to the firm’s factory in England to discuss how he wanted it fitted.

Tyson claims — probably accurately — that nobody else in the history of boxing had made as much money in so short a period of time.

But his shock-haired promoter, Don King, had lined up a series of lucrative comeback fights. Tyson was spending money like water — 0,000 on a 2,000 sq ft mural of great fighters from history for a wall in his Las Vegas home, 0,000 on 7ft statues of famous warriors like Hannibal and Genghis Khan to surround his swimming pool.

His 50,000 sq ft home in Connecticut — reputedly the largest in the state — had 13 kitchens and a 5,000 sq ft master bedroom.

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