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Exactly a week after I had left he announced to me that he was going to leave his wife. If he hasn’t left by then, he's never going to and our connection wasn't what I thought it was. I am a turning point in my life and this last encounter really pushed me to investigate the reasoning behind my attraction to the married man. We all attract what we think about and desire on some level.

Here's my conclusions on why women get involved with married men.

It makes me wonder if all the good men taken or if I just have some deep rooted issues and am drawn towards unavailable men. You know where they are and know that they are the marrying type because they did it before.

Rationally, I know both situations are BAD, but I was emotionally drawn to both of them.

So if you want to avoid them, you should really consider what dating a married woman can lead to and decide before you start if you’re willing to have to be the “other man.” Sometimes, removing yourself from the situation entirely can be enough to keep you from falling in love.

When it comes to love, though, remember that your heart can’t stop what’s happening if you don’t make it.

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At 19, this wasn't soo bad, but at 23 I decided that I was worth more. The first began when I was 19 with a 32 year old, married man with 2 kids.You start the affair without intentions of an involved love affair.Although he may have loved me, on some extremely dysfunctional level, our realtionship served as his playtime away from home and as a stroke to his ego. I realized that I was always going to be the other woman.That doesn't mean that all the feelings suddenly left.

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