Lauren and brody dating

The former roommmates come to blows at Frankie's birthday party and their friendship is eventually over. Heidi and Spencer travel to Colorado to meet Heidi's parents.

Lauren, Lo and Audrina attend Brody's barbecue where Lauren tearfully reflects on her friendship with Heidi and Justin breaks Audrina's heart.

And whereas white or cream lace can look a little bit bridesmaid, this is a perfect alternative.

Fashion Finder also likes the gathered detailing accentuating the bust and making the waist appear smaller.

Elodie gets revenge on Heidi by spoiling Heidi's anniversary plans with Spencer and nearly destroying her career at Bolthouse.

Ahead of the Young Hollywood event, Whitney and Lauren head to New York where Lauren assists Marc Jacobs and Whitney presents her ideas at an official meeting. Lauren and Heidi have another confrontation at the Declare Yourself event, where Heidi makes it clear she believes the sex tape is real and tries to claim that she is innocent in the entire matter, and Lauren makes it clear Heidi is a liar and a bad person.

The two went on a "relationship vacation", and Spencer consequently moved in with his sister, Stephanie, who managed to put herself in the midst of the 'Lauren vs Heidi' feud after befriending Lauren while taking a class at FIDM together.

Lauren and Brody share a kiss and the girls get into an argument about Justin Bobby.Heidi then tries to apologize and make excuses for Spencer, but Lauren is not interested in Heidi's half-assed efforts to be nice, and tells her "I want to forgive you--and I want to forget you" before Heidi gets the hint and goes away.Audrina and Justin struggle in their 'relationship'.At Teen Vogue, Whitney struggled with her new position as the Direct Supervisor to the interns after a break-up with a longtime boyfriend, and Lauren got a second chance with Lisa Love by being sent to Paris to assist with the Bal des Débutantes with Whitney by her side.After realizing that staying behind the scenes at Teen Vogue wasn't for her, Whitney got a new job working for the fashion PR firm, People's Revolution, and brought Lauren along with her.

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