Laws regarding backdating poa at recorders

If the Write and order to vacate from ARAPAHOE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT, et al, is a not stopped by the DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO through an Emergency Injunction the Plaintiff will suffer irreparable injury.1) Plaintiff is endangered by continuing Eccentric Frauds, extortion and retaliation by Defendant’s named herein and operating as an illegal Organized Criminal Enterprise under (RICO) 18 U. Michelle has been to the FBI, State of Colorado Financial Regulators, the U. Attorney’s office in Denver and the Arapahoe County District attorney none will do their job and basically have told her they can do nothing.

Jason Hovde contacts local Gas, Water and Electric companies and gets refunded for the past 4 months of all household bills including Michelle Hansen Hovde’s car payments.Billed her ,000.00 gave Michelle Hansen Will and filed Beneficiary Deed at Arapaho county records Office.Laurie Hunter states there is now Mortgage Insurance and to continue paying payments to Chase and a 2January 2008 Attorney Laurie Hunter and Michelle Hansen talk on a 3 way conversation with Chase Mortgage regard the death of Dan Hansen, Michelle’s Husband and Chase stated to continue making the Mortgage payments.the court, filed herein THE UNTIED STATES DISTRICT COURT FOR THE DISTRICT OF COLORADO for prospective injunctive relief , solely in equity under the United States Constitution to Restrain the ARAPAJOE COUNTY DISTRCT COURT from illegal foreclosure and to order a Stay Emergency Injunction against said court and its Illegal Write to remove Plaintiff from Plaintiffs home and allow the Plaintiff Michelle Hansen to present the evidence herein that shows that the property in question 2869 S.Espana court in Aurora Colorado 80013 has been paid in full to the original lender J. Morgan Bank and that the ARAPAJOE COUNTY DISTRICT COURT HAS ISSUES AN ILLEGAL ERONIOUS WRITE ORDERING THE PLAINTIFF TO VACATE THE PLAINTIFFS HOME, based on Eccentric Frauds (RICO) (COCA) involving the Defendant’s Named herein. 1961 et al, and the Colorado Organized Crime Act.3) No injury to the Defendant’s including its officials acting as part of an ongoing criminal enterprise can outweigh the pro se Plaintiff’s interest in competent legal pleadings attaching the proof to the criminal statutes privately actionable under the RICO and FCA statutes, the latter for which the plaintiff must have an attorney and the former are too complex for the vast majority of pro se Plaintiffs to adequately plead.5) The violations of federal criminal statutes and Colorado Criminal statues described in the Plaintiff’s affidavit vindicate the only recognizable public interest, the enforcement of the nation’s laws.

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