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That means tons of scatter and unpopulated area, and if you happen to live in a more rural part of the country you naturally aren’t as likely to run into any furries. There’s an incredibly relevant XKCD regarding this idea (and not just for the mention of furry porn.) In larger cities such as Sydney and Melbourne furries reported that larger (non-casual, regularly-occurring) meets could get upwards of 50-60 attendees.

Some even made reference to different activities – sometimes furries meet up and go bowling, sometimes artists gather at a restaurant, things like that. Also, I’m seeing more and more examples of a universal rule: if there’s a place, and it has furmeets, it also has furry bowling. Furries and bowling go together like ice cream and more ice cream.

Do those exist in Australia, and if so, are they prevalent?

The social layout of Australia can be likened to that of America and really any country divided into many smaller regions in that population disparity creates subculture “hotspots”.

Furries are people who dress up as animals and identify as the chosen animal, often as a sexual fetish.

Carnival noted that Sydney is the sort of “gay capital” of Australia and, if I understand correctly, a general rule could be stated saying that the farther south in the country you look, the population tends to be more accepting of alternate sexuality. The responses are completely based on how vested any given respondent’s interest is in the sexual part of the fandom.

Since mainland Australia has only six states, it’s noteworthy that generalizing trends by state is much more difficult. For example, two responses indicated a rather distant perspective on the subject, with a pretty disconnected “Well, it’s probably the same as elsewhere. Also, there’s a lot of gays.” My favorite response was an anonymous one: Well, it’s probably the same as elsewhere, because it’s a big deal.

Kraden made note that, just like anywhere else with small scattered cities, it’s really about how many people live nearby.

Australia is bigger than the contiguous United States, but has just one twelfth of the population.

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