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Say, “You are my compass; I’ll never be lost.” Memories in the making!

Trying out a new fancy restaurant during a Mercury retrograde might not be too fun, best to go to your old reliables.

You might discover new dimensions to their personality.

Go on, time to stalk on Facebook, no one will judge you.

No crying meltdowns by yourself afterwards either, please.).

People don’t say what they mean and they don’t mean what they say during Mercury retrograde. Take everything with a grain of salt and don’t have a cow.

Go to a travel spot or do an activity that you’ve done before.

If you’ve known the person for some time and have been committed for a while now, it should be fine, but if you’ve just met and are just having your first or second date during a Mercury retrograde, it will be weird to hear “I love you” too soon (This applies to non-retrograde periods, too).

Sometimes, you can’t accelerate unless you go into reverse a little bit.

Revisit the reasons why you both love (okay, like, if you’re still dating) each other and renew your commitment to each other.

(People from your past are surprisingly reappearing this time anyway, aren’t they?

)The downside of this is that ex-lovers might reappear in your life also. The universe is giving you a chance to maybe get back together, finally make peace or to finally cut ties forever (Civilly, amicably, peacefully, like adults should, without launching an intergalactic war, okay?

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