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As per Neuro-linguistic courses, another great method of mirroring and matching is adopting similar tone of voice.

A significant part of the communication depends on the quality of the tone, the pitch, volume, speed etc.

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Another brilliant method for developing a deep rapport is by matching the breathing of a person, according to Neuro-linguistic training. Match this action by breathing out when the person talks.

When the person breathes in, you take a matching breath too.

Try to match as many aspects of the voice as possible, although do not try to show off your mimicry skills.

There are other features that you can mirror and match using Neuro-linguistic programming.

You can observe the blinking rate, facial expressions or tension in muscles of the person and match them.

You can even shape your lower lip to match that of the other person.

You can blink your eyes with the same rate as that of the other person, although keep the blinking time askew in order to appeal to the unconscious mind without irritating the person.

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