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The tiny island of Cayo Santiago is home to around 1,000 rhesus macaque monkeys (file above) A team of researchers have returned to what's called Monkey Island and found the primates alive (above earlier this week).

They believe they were able to survive by finding places of shelter since they know the terrain and habitat really well A team of researchers from New York University, University of Buffalo, University of Exeter, University of Michigan, University of Leipzig, University of Pennsylvania, University of Puerto Rico, University of Washington, and Yale University have charted nine generations of their births, deaths and group dynamics over the past 79 years.

However, in 1938, 406 of the primates were shipped to the island for scientists to conduct research and are now among the best-studied group of monkeys on the planet.

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Before Hurricane Maria hit, the dogs famously roamed around a particular area in Yabucoa after many of them were dumped by their owners Prior to the storm, New York native Christina Beckles (above) created a nonprofit called The Sato Project where she and others worked to rescue the pups and get them adopted. Food is becoming scarce and people are getting desperate. The lines to get gas are seven to 10 hours long — to receive worth of gas,' she told the Post.

The island where they live was destroyed, according to New York University's Jim Highman, who is one of the researchers who has worked with the primates for years.

He tweeted out before and after satellite images showing how the island's vegetation was wrecked by the storm. They find places of shelter and they know the terrain and habitat really well.'The researchers have created a Go Fund Me to collect money towards rescuing the primates.

Another fan handed over a note, not expecting an autograph and while the Academy Award nominated actor took the cash, he didn't seem pleased, saying: 'Five dollars? 'Another fan had even less, offering just three singles, and Murray wasn't having it.'Three dollars? 'Alright, go get a job and come back.' The actor is known for doing unpredictable things as he engaged with his fans.

Earlier this month, Murray was at a Chicago Cubs game when two spectators - Robbie Schloss and his wife Kirsten - asked for the star's help in notifying their parents that they are expecting their first child in April.

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