Real christian dating

When a church becomes a 501c3 they have sold their soul and don't dare speak up about the evil things that government does becuase that tax free status becomes the end and the means.

Not my place to judge but I see very few if any chrisitinans in todays churches.

If you look at these things that you have written, then you do not carry the spirit of God but you act in your flesh. Well, you haven't done unforgivable things, since God has already forgiven you. Hi Sparkle, I'm a single parent as well, and although I'm not getting any younger I am in no excruciatingly big hurry to jump into anything with both feet before I am satisfied that I know enough about the person first.

What may put some people off is the "Real Christian Man" bit. just have to look a little further down on the show all forums... I just wanted to let you know that is a pretty decent religious singles site that does offer screening of their members, but they do charge a fee of about 15.00 month for the use of their site, and that is the main reason why I use this free POF site instead of bigchurch.

But even if you find an honest, reliable, Godly, Christian man, it doesn''t mean he''s ready to take on your 3 children as his own, which based on your 3rd sentence it appears you are looking for. Of course, most of them will pass the basket and expect money... And thats all I have to say about that DKI just read you comments and I really thank God that he sent his son to die on the cross for my sins.

Don't expect to find a lot of them coming out of the woodwork on a general dating site like POF... Good luck with your search : DKSorry for posting 2 times in a row... A "Real Christian Man' would not look at the fact that I have sinned before I came to God.

You see, it looks too much like all those "A Real Man(tm) wouldn't mind that I have children/am fat/am old/etc." rants we see around here. does offer a free 30 trial, and I did meet a few really nice people on there before my free trial membership expired, and they started limiting who I could receive any email from.

BTW, I don't see in your profile the "I will treat a man the way God says that a man is to be treated" part. I fail to see what if anything that church has to do with being Christian. I have not seen anything in my bible giving me any reson to go to church... I have also heard from a few different professionals that eharmony is a good site, but I have never used it myself.

God bless you and pray that you allow God to judge. It takes a real man to do what you did after you read Simbadsailor comments to me. Sometimes the things we say can turn someone away for God, so we always need to act in the Spirit. i have found that the true ones put christian-other...

I posted a response to Simbadsailor about his comments. it was totally bashed out of me when i lived in sydney... and these are ones that talk about it in their profile..

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