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Some French men I’ve dated have never been to the States and don’t understand American culture enough to understand where I’m coming from.

When dating cross-culturally, not only do you have to get used to the norms of a new dating culture, but your partner must also adapt to the fact that they are dating a woman who has been raised to ascribe to a whole different set. This is why communication is absolutely the most important factor in the success of any relationship, especially one with a foreigner.

On one second date, we went to meet my date’s friends at a bar after dinner.

Another time, we got a group of his friends and a group of my friend together for a night out.

About Emily Jackson Currently working as an au pair in Paris, France, Emily loves to take photos, sing, and drink French wine.

Yes, it was awkward and could have been avoided had we had the conversation earlier.Obviously sex is an important factor of any relationship.Sexual compatibility is very important in French dating culture and will be one of the first deciding factors in whether or not the relationship will work out.That is, IF you have established that what you’re both looking for, and often the way that’s established is by not discussing it at all.Not every French guy I’ve kissed has been looking for that, and most of those who weren’t have told me.

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