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They certainly weren’t interviewing for the job of full-bladdered loogie-hocking Dominant cuckold.

In fact, Indian men were complaining the app was broken, or corrupted by a “no matches bug”.

India is home to the largest — thus, likely the horniest — youth population in the world, with more active Tinder users than any other country in Asia. I will instead defer to my friend Avantika, 32, no longer on Tinder, who gives my ego the explanation it needs.

These Tindians have a match rate of 25.4 per cent, which for Tinder’s communications VP Rosette Pambakian, “insinuates that their matches could lead to more meaningful connections.”Or that it takes a lot of fishing around to know what kind of bait will get bit.“There are so many [women] on there that have really confrontational messages now,” complained my 32-year-old Gujju friend Arjun, having noticed the Meeras of Tinder adding conditions and caveats to their profile descriptions recently.

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India is the fucking hypocrisy capital of the world.”“How so?” I asked 28-year-old Sonali, a friend whose being on Tinder had initially made me consider that the whole thing might not just be for douche-tubes.“”I would lean towards the white guys,” she said, “the good-looking Indian ones tended to be very ‘Delhi’: wanky and over-privileged if they were well travelled, and boring if they weren’t.The white ones were usually more fun with fewer hang-ups and better manners.I hadn’t noticed any bugs (beyond the one match, in making the kind of horrible snap judgment so frowned upon on Tinder, whom I suspect may’ve picked up a few pant-crabs along the way). I started running back through my roster, and without too much rational stretching, the angle was a possibility: There was the Tam-Bram girl with super-conservative parents out to live the great white hype; the Bandra stoner who believed in karma and aliens and thought I resembled a particular denizen of Hollywood; the soon-to-be-married-off Parsi whose father would have “had a heart attack if I told him about you”; the “aspiring actress” who implied she’d send me a vaj-snap if I could get her cousin a job “at a good MNC”.So as one might — as one should, fellas — like having been diagnosed with a sneaky case of pant-crabs, I contacted my recent Tinder matches to see if our relations had been somehow infec–affected, by my evolutionary lack of skin pigment.“Are you inclined to swipe right on a white guy more than an Indian?

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