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The so called 'competive' labour market must be a myth.The fact is that the majority of working people depend on tax credit, housing benefit etc etc and there is not enough money going round for enterprise to flourish.Scotland's earlier attempt to set up an Empire in the late 17th century failed . D Lloyd Mr D Lloyd, London SW3The best post budget programme with D Starkey Michael Alan Terry Wogan and Laura had great clips! Ermintrude Horrockstein, I usually watch the programme anyway - but LOVE the addition of Molly the dog - don't let her go anywhere! Caroline Dunmall, Orpington, Kent THIS WEEK REPLIES: She belongs to Andrew, and this was her second TW appearance.

I've submitted a previous comment about how This Week is the only thing which keeps me paying my TV license.

Alec Melvin, Maidenhead Now that we have two and a half Tories as regulars, it was irritating but unsurprising that bumptious David Starkey should be allowed to get away with some of his outrageous comments last night.

I'm sure Diane would have torn into him about the relative success of FDR's New Deal and British non-Keynesianism in the thirties.

Sadly this turned out to be the most effective way of getting locked-up capital flowing back into their economies.

Anthony Turner, Norwich, Norfolk I was wondering who is the owner of molly the dog.

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