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The Jews are one of the big ethnic groups of Ukraine who have been living there since very early times.Areas of Ukraine, known as Volyn, Podillia, Galychyna, Bukovyna and others, had sizeable Jewish populations in the eighteenth, nineteenth and early twentieth century.On the other hand, one cannot help rejoicing at the changes that have been occurring in the past few years the changes in the political set-up of Ukraine which made it possible for the process of revival of Jewish culture in Ukraine to start.In 1989 the important work of classifying, arranging and restoring Jewish ritual and ceremonial objets in the Collection of Judaica in the Museum of Historical Treasures of Ukraine began with the view of putting them on public display.It happened so that there always was a considerable number of the Jewish people living in Ukraine since very early times of its history.Ukraine became for them their native land as well as for many other ethnic groups.Previously the entire Collection had been kept in the Museum storerooms.

One cannot help regretting the great losses that Jewish culture in Ukraine has sustained through the centuries in many wars and other calamities.

In the Second World War, before the Nazis occupied Ukraine, the Collection was evacuated to distant towns in Siberia and then, after the war, it was returned back to the storerooms .

The Collection of Judaica consists mostly of things made for ritual use at home and in the synagogue, though there are some purely secular objects too.

The Collection of Judaica has in its possession 38 Torah crowns made by master craftsmen in Ukraine, the Austro-Hungarian Empire, Poland and Russia, all of them dating from the eighteenth to the early twentieth century.

They can be safely considered as ranking among the best creations of the art of silver- and goldsmithery.

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