Silverlight xap file not updating Ipod touch sex cam chat

I found this link describing how to fix this issue.

In the OBJECT tag that hosts the SL app in your HTML page, you append to the end of the XAP file url the last file modification date/time.

I ran into a problem with customers not able to retrieve a new copy of a silverlight app using IE.

I took over a user’s session remotely to witness this myself.

There are two types Dynamics CRM solutions: Managed and Unmanaged.

Error 5 Can’t find any devices Unplug the USB cable and try a different port, try also a different USB cable, and restarting the Windows Phone IP Over USB Transport service (see error 1).

Remove button release the components from the solution whereas Delete button removes the component from CRM system. By using, Managed properties of Managed solutions users can customize these Managed solution components. Publisher record stores the information like address and contact information of solution publisher.

CRM default solution has its own default publisher with the name “Default Publisher for ” We can create our own Publisher for solution and can define the “Prefix” for the custom components and start value of Option set values.

” portion can really be anything you want it to be.

As long as the URL does not change, the application will be cached by browsers that are set up to support caching.

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