Tips to speed dating

Answer the question briefly, and move on to secret 6. Remember, you are both here for the same reason - to get a date.If her question doesn’t come, then try to avoid the silence becoming uncomfortable. Notice, again, by remaining silent, she has invited you in, to take control of the date. So, it’s your job to ensure this beautiful person with you now, can have what she most desires ….. We are not asking random, or the usual contrived questions here; such as ‘What do you do? Here’s where you should prepare a little; we are looking for something to connect with, something to suggest we are compatible; and, luckily, time is short, so we only need one.This secret makes you look comfortable in the room, can give you useful allies if needed later, and the ladies feel you can engage a room, and are already looking forward to meeting you. You are standing tall and confident, continue that feeling when you take a seat in front of the lady. Sit up straight (remember to pull the imaginary string out the top of your head), and relax. I recommend asking if you may sit with her, and allow her to welcome you to her space.Do not lay back, legs wide, arms stretched out (you are not in a pole dancing club! You may be the only man to ask, that makes you memorable.This speed dating is something new in the dating world.

Sometimes it will be obvious; she would love to visit New York City, guess what, you were there a few years ago, loved it, and want to go back. Though, you can select your best bits, share in her excitement, add one of your best relevant memories, and even encourage her imagination to wander (see secret 8).

Most times, you will get a positive response, usually one of relief, since he was feeling awkward.

Important: if the response is very negative, move on to the next guy, quickly.

Over the years, I’ve found many excuses why it’s not happening. “”First, let’s take care of my excuses: the women you get to talk with, at the speed dating, are not exactly Angelina Jolie either, and they also have their own favourite excuses, why it’s not working for them. That’s why I have condensed my success into the 10 Secrets of Successful Speed Dating, below. Dress appropriately, smart, casual, CLEAN, trying to impress, but something you are comfortable with.

One of the biggest challenges is entering the room - the first impression - and it is massively important. OK, there is an imaginary string coming out the top of your head. You will feel your rib cage rising, stomach coming in, and spine straightening. Congratulations, you just grew 1-2 inches, and, look more commanding!

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