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In 1909 Clark Wissler of the American Museum of Natural History organized the Archer M. One objective of this survey was to determine temporal arrangement of the American Southwest's prehistoric ruins.Wissler, who had read about Douglass's work concerning the relationship between precipitation and tree growth, later contacted Douglass saying: Your work suggests to me a possible help in the archaeological investigation of the Southwest…We do not know how old these ruins are, but I should be glad to have an opinion from you as to whether it might be possible to connect up with your modern and dated trees specimens [with wood specimens] from these [prehistoric] ruins by correlating the curves of growth. On June 19, 1914, the curator of the American Museum of Natural History wrote a letter to Douglass expressing his desire to begin archaeological analysis as early as possible (Nash 1999: 23).After a couple of failed castings, the Spencer Lens Co.of Buffalo, New York produced the mirror for the Steward Telescope.Call or email us for more information about dating your building. Historic Preservation Office, architectural historians with the Architectural Research Department at Colonial Williamsburg and local historians participated in the research.Oxford Tree-Ring Laboratory Michael Worthington and Jane Seiter, Ph D 25 E. Baltimore, MD 21230 410-929-1520 [email protected] two years of investigation of what was a planned rental property, the oldest dated house in North Carolina has been identified in Edenton. READ MORE National Trust for Historic Preservation PBS (Public Broadcasting Service) United States Forest Service Colonial Williamsburg Foundation Mount Vernon Ladies' Association Old Salem Museum and Gardens Maryland Historical Trust State of North Carolina Preservation Virginia New Jersey Historical Commission Historic Preservation Foundation of North Carolina Historic New England University of Maryland University of Georgia Stanford University College of William and Mary Middlebury College Museum of Art Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission Charles County (MD) Department of Planning and Growth Management Montgomery County (MD) Department of Parks Prince William County (VA) Historic Preservation Division Holland Township (NJ) Historic Preservation Commission City of Raleigh, VA Queen Anne's County (MD) Historical Society Historical Society of Charles County, Inc.

Although promising steps had been made in solving the mystery of the ruins in the Southwest, in 1920 the American Museum of Natural History discontinued funding Douglass's research (Nash 1999: 24-30).

In 1916 Douglass began obtaining and analyzing archaeological samples first collected during an expedition to northwest New Mexico by the University of Colorado and the American Museum of Natural History.

In April 1918 Wissler asked Douglass whether or not it would be possible to assign relative dates to samples that could not be dated absolutely.

On October 18, 1916, University President Rufus von Klein Smid announced that an anonymous donor had given the University US,000 "...

to be used to buy a telescope of huge size"; the donor was later revealed to be Mrs.

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