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I thought that the first time I used Avast Cleanup it had worked, but now I think maybe I was fooled into thinking it was working when the blue progress line moved a centimetre.3.

(Maybe it was just coincidental timing, but it's funny that it happened at the same time.)Avast -- you could learn a lot about genuine customer service from the company that makes Snagit (Tech Smith)! We reply personally to emails sent there, so I'd encourage you to try emailing us there again with a different email address just to rule out any issues.

I'm now inclined to look for other programs/methods that could possibly improve performance (long wait times) unless Bobcat016 and others can review Avast's performance improvement program favorably.

I've been with avast for their virus protection for 6 yrs and have been happy with that service.

However, the good news is that I had a problem with another program (Snagit) and emailed that company asking if they had a solution. They immediately offered a number of solutions by email that didn't quite solve the problem so finally their tech guys rang me and got the problem fixed over the phone with share screen.

When the Snagit problem got fixed, suddenly the Avast cleanup also started working.

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