Updating quickbooks on a server

You can now have confidence that your company file is in great shape. Pop in your disk or double click on your download link and Install your new version of Quick Books.Update your Quick Books Program to the latest release before starting the conversion process..Update Quick Books automatically With this method, Quick Books automatically downloads the updates you choose to your computer.Quick Books periodically checks the Intuit server for new updates, and downloads the new information gradually at times when your Internet connection is not being used by another process or application.(because it talks about server farther down in the article - but then mentions to download the full install for such, which had to be purchased from intuit online and not on CD)So, anyway, after much confusion, just trying to make sure/bring my version of the QB database manager up to date. -Bradley Hi Bradleydiggs, There are two ways to update Quick Books.You can use these methods concurrently, and both require an Internet connection.

It's important to check your company file before installing a new version of Enterprise so that any data problems can be corrected prior to the installation process and the file is compatible with new features and security.We frequently receive the question, “Should I update Quick Books?” While you may not need to upgrade every year, it is wise to do so at least every few years as the last few upgrades have brought exceptional new features that vastly improve productivity.Also, for many business owners Quick Books Online may be the optimal solution; you pay a small monthly fee and the fee includes automatic upgrades each year.Your local Quick Books consultant can advise you on whether it would benefit your company to upgrade to a newer version and they can also walk you through how to update Quick Books if you need help.

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