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Before a Policy is valid, you must first publish it in a forum convenient to all Partners who may be impacted.The authorities granted to you in this section may be further limited by constraints defined under Section 2.1.3.However, you must abide by any constraints acting upon the Circle itself or defined by Policy of the Circle, and you may not fully control or regulate the Domain under the terms of Section 1.4.Further, you may not transfer or dispose of the Domain itself or any significant assets within the Domain, nor may you significantly limit any rights of the Circle to the Domain.The circle members of a circle rely on each other to help get their operational work done.This article covers the duties of circle members with respect to supporting one another, and how tactical meetings work.Further, each Circle may control its own functions and activities, as if a Domain of the Circle, for the purpose of defining Policies that limit the Circle’s Roles.When filling a Role in a Circle, you may use and impact any Domain controlled by the Circle itself, or that the Circle is authorized to impact.

You are also responsible for trying to resolve those Tensions by using the authorities and other mechanisms available to you under this Constitution.

You are responsible for regularly considering how to enact your Role’s Purpose and each of your Role’s Accountabilities, by defining: You are responsible for regularly considering how to complete each Project you are actively working towards for your Role, including by defining any Next-Actions useful to move the Project forward.

You are responsible for capturing and tracking all Projects and Next-Actions for your Role in a database or similar tangible form, and for regularly reviewing and updating that database to maintain it as a trusted list of the Role’s active and potential work.

A circle’s governance process is used to define its roles and policies.

This article defines the governance process and the ground rules for proposing changes or objecting to proposals.

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